17 Jan, 17

Handle Scanxiety like a real MVP

HOW TO HANDLE SCANXIETY LIKE A REAL MVP There are a million forms of fear in life. We all fear things daily, whether we want to admit it or not. People fear that they will lose their jobs, people fear that they will never find love or get married, people fear that they will never be enough. For us cancer patients, the fear of scans or “scanxiety” is real. After you’ve conquered something like cancer, we don’t fear the world...

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07 Dec, 16

2016 at a glance

Nothing will ever prepare you for the day that your entire world comes crashing down. For me, and for a lot of other people, this is the day that you are diagnosed with cancer. This is how I started 2016, and spent the majority of the year. It’s like something out of a movie, where you don’t think that it could ever happen to you. Until it does. It was the most difficult, terrifying, mentally and physically exhausting year of...

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20 Oct, 16

The journey continues during Remission

Remission. Everyone thinks it’s over, but it’s never really over. We all try to be strong, but we also all have our off days. Our cancer centers become our security blankets. We become attached to our doctors. We become attached to our nurses. We become attached to those in pathology that draw our blood during labs. It’s all a sense of security, and once you’re in remission, your security blanket is completely gone. That’s why they say that the first...

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01 Aug, 16

Keep busy during chemo & neutropenia!

I become Neutropenic after every single chemo, so house arrest is way too much of a friend (or foe!) to me. The last two weeks, I’ve never been so bored in my entire life. So here’s a list of things that I did while on house arrest. Seriously, you have to keep yourself entertained. Scrap booking! I’ve been working on a scrap book of my entire cancer journey and it’s so awesome! I got a bunch of material from Michael’s...

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17 Jul, 16

6 steps to breeze through chemo

So, I breezed through Cycle 5 of Esc. BEACOPP. I like to think that the less cancerous cells that we have in our body, the easier that the chemo becomes, but I’m probably totally making this up! I want to share with you guys a few basic tricks that helped me more so during this chemo, than any other! Obviously it helped to have my mom and one of my friends Chiara there, but here it goes! Before you go...

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15 Jul, 16

Things to stop giving an eff about

  WHAT YOU SHOULD STOP GIVING AN EFF ABOUT Chemo thoughts, cancer thoughts, crazy chemo brain. You have so many realizations while going through such a traumatic event in your life. This trauma eventually brings you clarity, and believe me, I’ve never thought or seen so clearly in my entire life. Pretty crazy that it takes some people to be on the verge of life or death, to think clearly, huh? Me being one of them, whoops! So, in my...

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28 May, 16

Doing social good with social media in the era of social narcissism

Social media. A platform that women in Miami and a lot of other cities across the world use to show their assets. And by assets I mean they really do show their ASSets. Check on Instagram, and the majority of girls are posting half naked selfies of their butts in thong bikinis, and pretty much in bras. If they’re not posting selfies, they’re posting pictures of their hand bags, material goods, watches, or on some 80 year old man’s private...

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07 May, 16

My “normal” weekend!

Over the weekend, I had the most “normal” weekend since my diagnosis with cancer. One of my best friends from Boston came to visit me. I’m off of chemotherapy for now, since it stopped working as well as we thought it would. I’m waiting for my rad onc’s to plan my radiation, so I have been “in the clear” to get back to a semi normal life before radiation starts, hopefully next week. So this means I’m not Neutropenic!! And...

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04 May, 16

Friends vs. Foes

One of the hardest things that you go through when you have Cancer is realizing who cares about you and who doesn’t and never did. Who is a good, genuine person, and who is not. At the beginning, people that you think would be part of your journey, are nowhere to be found. At first, you might become angered by this, but with time, your “cancer brain” I like to call it, comes into effect and you just don’t care....

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02 May, 16

It’s about them, not you

I am no match for some people’s level of ignorance, simply because I’m on another level. Over the weekend, I was in the elevator in my building with my dog, and talking to a woman in it. When I got out of the elevator (my body was literally half in the elevator still), another woman said to the other “That’s the sick girl, you know she’s sick. She looks it right?” Or something along those lines. Sorry for having cancer...

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