01 Aug, 16

Keep busy during chemo & neutropenia!

I become Neutropenic after every single chemo, so house arrest is way too much of a friend (or foe!) to me. The last two weeks, I’ve never been so bored in my entire life. So here’s a list of things that I did while on house arrest. Seriously, you have to keep yourself entertained.

Scrap booking! I’ve been working on a scrap book of my entire cancer journey and it’s so awesome! I got a bunch of material from Michael’s and just started cutting and pasting. I saved every single card that all of my friends got me when I was diagnosed, and incorporated them into the book. That, and I printed out a bunch of pictures, even my wrist bands from the hospital. This is the biggest journey of your life, and even though it sucks, you need to document it! Overcoming cancer will make you the strongest person in the world. Be proud of it!

Netflix. Obviously, I’ve exhausted every single show. My favorite shows are the following, orange is the new black, the hart of Dixie, chasing life *one of my favorite shows because it’s about a girl with leukemia*, how to get away with murder, grey’s anatomy, nurse jackie, Hawthorne. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been infatuated with hospital shows. Being a doctor or nurse is such an amazing privilege, so I love shows about people helping others within the healthcare profession. My most recent obsession that I’m not afraid to admit is Pretty Little Liars. It’s addicting. Can I please meet an Ezra Fitch after all of this cancer bs is over? Please? PLEASE!!

Netflix documentaries. While you’re sitting on your bum, you might as well learn something. I loved the documentary Poverty, Inc. it’s eye opening. Tricked, Maiden trip, tabloid, hot girls wanted, girl rising, cooked, I could go on and on. Just google the best documentaries, the lists that you will find are all pretty legit.

Do it yourself projects, when in doubt..Pinterest! I’ve become Betty Crocker now. I joined Pinterest, and pin a bunch of cool recipes, then try to make them. It kills a lot of time.

If you have Comcast or Xfinity, there is an option for free work out videos. I know most of you probably have a port and can’t lift weights like myself. They have cool options on there, such as yoga and Pilates. It helps trying to be active, even if it’s in your own apartment!

Try to get outside and take a walk, even if it means wearing a mask. I find that the fresh air always helps me.

Journaling. I’m 100% all for journaling. I think it’s so important to document all of your thoughts and everything that you’re going through, throughout this crazy cancer journey. You’ll look back on it in a few years and see how much you have grown and changed as a person.

If you think of any other ideas, please feel free to share them with me, haha. Til then! Stay strong and know that I’m routing for you! Xoxo


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  1. Emma says:

    Chasing Life helped me get through treatment as well. I cried every damn episode (we are still waiting for Season Two here in Australia) and her struggles were so close to my own.

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