04 Apr, 16

Dr. X-Ex’s-And other men

There comes a point in your life where everyone you have dated in the past just becomes water under the bridge. As women, we’ve all dated our fair share of men who are under par, people that just aren’t good for us. Our friends and family can tell us as many times as they want that the person we are dating isn’t good for us. But we don’t listen, and we have to experience this for ourselves. We’ve all been there. All of us. Including myself.

At the end of the day, it’s a pretty incredible feeling when you can rid yourself of all of the anger and genuinely thank these people for what they taught you about life and yourself. And I think cancer has helped me do that. But this isn’t about all of the guys that I’ve dated, it’s more to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel for women out there, and despite contrary belief, there ARE good men out there..no matter what your situation in life is, it doesn’t matter. All of my close guy friends have been absolute saviors through out this battle. I can’t tell you how many days I spent crying at the beginning of my diagnosis to Dave, Sammy, Rob, even my favorite doctor Jimmy..about how I’m almost 30 and no one will ever look twice at me, because I’m damaged goods now since I have cancer. These boys lifted me up more than I could ever imagine, and helped me get my life, my confidence, and the bad b*tch attitude that I used to have back. I love you guys! (They’re single too and cute..so ladies, feel free to message me about them. Hahaha!) so if you’re thinking your life is over because you have or had cancer, it’s not. This is certainly coming from a single girl’s perspective, but let’s not forget those who are lucky enough to have a significant other through out this process. Let’s agree how awesome they are too. 

I think for some reason or another, we are meant to cross paths with a specific person. Whether it’s to build a friendship, or a relationship, this encounter will ultimately make us a better person. Like I said in earlier posts, I became friends with Dr. X while I was in the hospital, acting like a crazy person, screaming, and going nuts from my chemo pills. He came to me at the exact right moment. He was the first person to hold my hand when my diagnosis was setting in, before I started chemo. At one point, I even told him exactly which pain medications and dosage that he needed to prescribe me. Ha!! And god only knows what I even said to him when I was on my chemo pills. I’m really sorry for trying to turn my hospital room into LIV night club Dr.X! Sometimes you just have to turn lemons into lemonade though, right? Just not on your watch haha!

I knew there was a real reason that I met him after I was discharged from the hospital, and he was one of the main people that helped me get through my rough first few weeks after chemo. Not to mention this man also saw my friends ripping out my hair extensions in the Hospital, and he didn’t even look twice. And we can’t forget that I tried to pick him up through LINKED IN while still in the hospital and again after I got discharged, who does that? I constantly make fun of people who try to pick up others on linked in, and I’ve become one of those people. Yikes. And and in a hospital setting, really Jess? But to all the ladies going through chemo, you can definitely pick up cute doctors..even during chemo..never give up hope. Kidding. Kind of?

This just shows that there ARE great guys out there…look at this one that I became friends with out of the blue who is the exact polar opposite of me. Through out my Lymphoma journey, Dr. X has been there to listen to me complain and vent at all hours of the day and night, he came to see me during chemo, and he’s always there when I have any type of dumb question. I have no hair, I’m sick, i’m a HOT MESS, I’m going through chemotherapy, I’m moody. He gets nothing out of this whatsoever (maybe some entertainment though because I’m pretty ridiculous?) which shows what an amazing, compassionate, caring person he is. Which makes me respect doctors even more. And he’s actually in it for the medicine, and why he wants to be an Oncologist makes me think even more highly of him…he’s going to be a great one at that! He even came to my birthday party and socialized with 15 strangers he doesn’t even know, which takes balls. He hung out with me even though I couldn’t really leave my apartment, helped me walk my dog, he’s a genuinely good person. He’s going to make one girl very, very, happy one day because he is the real life Mcdreamy from Grey’s Anatomy, except younger, and has a way hotter accent! So to all of the ladies out there (especially in Miami where it seems hopeless), you will meet someone one day, even if it’s just a friend, who will surprise you, and give you hope that good men DO exist. 🙂

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    I hope to have the same luck on meeting a great guy.

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