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12 Jul, 16

Until it happens to you: social stigma

Society. We judge people on a daily basis, consciously and subconsciously. If someone is the slightest bit “different” from the average person, they are considered weird, or people act like there is something wrong with them. We all do it, whether we like to admit it or not, but at the end of the day, we do it. It reminds me of that quote that kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about....

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18 Mar, 16

I CAN-cer-vive this. :)

There are a lot of things that you go through while having cancer that at the time, seem far worse than the actual cancer or chemo. Like everything else in life, the way that you handle these situations are all with in your control, and can make or break your situation. Life goes on with or without you. Your job goes on, your friends lives go on, everything goes on, and usually this is the hardest thing to understand when...

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11 Mar, 16

The real deal about Chemo

So my chemo regimen Escalated BEACOPP consists of 3 days of straight chemo week 1, one day week 2, week 3 off, then repeat. I’m not sure how many cycles I will receive, but I’m scheduled for 8. Which will make the end date of my chemo somewhere in July. NOT THAT I’M COUNTING OR ANYTHING. My first cycle was a straight week in the hospital, so I don’t remember much. I’m going to be real with you and tell you...

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