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Cancer Beauty 101

It’s so easy to let yourself completely go and fall into a funk during chemo, since we tend to look in the mirror and not even recognize ourselves. This is why I’m personally a big advocate of makeup, and great skin care products, even when you don’t feel like putting any on! It helps you feel more like your old self. Here are some tips and tricks that I found useful during chemo:

Eyebrows: I ended up losing all of mine, despite applying Latisse on them like a crazy person. I’m a big fan of Anastasia of Beverly Hills. You can purchase at Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, etc. I use the Brow Duo Powder, and brow wiz. First, I will apply the brow duo powder, using the stencil that they sell. Then I will fill in my eyebrows after with the brow wiz. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that can show you exactly how, but it’s easy and you can’t tell that I have no eyebrows. Plus, filling in your eyebrows is totally in right now!

Eyes: Depending on which chemotherapy you are receiving, your eyelashes might fall out. All of mine ended up falling out. I wear the MAC “33” Lash strip lashes with DUO lash glue. They look the most natural, and the best part is that you can keep reusing them. I’ve reused mine at least 10 times minimum. If only a few of your lashes fell out, you can try the Ardell individual lashes as well, and fill in the gaps. If you don’t want to wear lashes at all, you can line the top lids of your eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow, it takes away from the fact that you have little to no eyelashes.

You’re probably not even thinking about foundation, but if you’re looking for a great one, I personally like TARTE Amazonian Clay. I also use NARS blush in “Orgasm”, and Lancome’s Star Bronzer in “Solaire”.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so before you purchase anything below, consult your physician first! He knows best, way better than I do.

Skincare Regimen

My skin was an absolute disaster from all of the medication I was on and from Chemotherapy. I work for a Dermatology company, so for me, I was not having this. Here is my regimen:


I wash my face with Lancome Crème Radiance, which for my sensitive skin, left it squeaky clean, and gave it a nice glow. You have to, have to, have to wash your face! Especially with all of those nasty chemo drugs coming out of your pores.

I would then follow up in the morning with Obagi 15% Vitamin C serum. It helped get the glow back in my skin. You can use any vitamin c serum you like. This is just the specific brand that I would use.

You also must, must, must wear sunscreen! I like Obagi SPF 50 Matte, it’s very light, and in matte form.

I’m also obsessed with a line called Elite Therapeutics. It was developed by an Oncologist, and they have some pretty amazing products.

I use Elite Premier Crème for my moisturizer. It’s full of vitamins and great for dry, troubled skin. It soaks in quickly, so I also use it as a smoothing and hydrating primer, underneath my makeup. You can also use this to prevent/treat radiation skin reactions..just apply it 3-4 times per day day.


I wash my face with Crème Radiance again. I also love a product called Micellar cleansing water, by Simple or Garnier. You would be surprised how much dirt is in your skin, so I would wipe this after I washed my face. You can literally see everything on your cotton balls. It’s gross.

I use a product called Atralin, which is a .05 Tretinoin. (Consult your doctor first, mine said it was okay for me to continue using) It has collagen and hyaluronic acid in it too, so it plumps up your skin and helps with break outs at the same time. Don’t use it if you have super sensitive skin. I’m a skincare junkie, so I refused to stop using this.

After my tretinoin, I use Elite Therapeutics Elite Platinum Crème. This stuff is absolutely amazing. It leaves my skin so hydrated, and I wake up in the morning with a glow. I also dab it under my eyes, because the bags during chemo are real!

I also used Latisse during chemo every other night on my eyelashes and eyebrows, since mine were falling out. Unfortunately, they all ended up falling out anyways.

Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Any exfoliator will do, but I personally like Clinique’s exfoliating scrub.

Elite Therapeutics has some other awesome products including Shampoo/Conditioner, great for thinning chemo hair, or no hair at all. They have face/body wash, lip treatment, deodorant, etc. All work great. Their website is www.elitetherapeutics.com or www.facebook.com/myelitetherapeutics, Instagram: @elitetherapeutics. If you are interested in any of their products. Enter JESS at checkout for 30% off.

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    Hi there. I’m a friend of your mom. Just read this blog and love all the product recommendations – might try a few myself. Thank you for your continuous upbeat and positive blogs. You inspire.

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