22 Jul, 16

What it’s like to have cancer

Cancer is a very touchy subject. Unfortunately, you will never truly understand it, until it happens to you. This is why as a non-cancer patient, you have to tread lightly and be very careful about how you approach the subject, how you approach giving advice, especially if you’re talking about foods and therapy, because at the end of the day, you really have no idea what it’s like to be dealt our card. I’m not the same person that I...

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19 Jul, 16

Using the law of attraction as affirmation of friendships

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, cancer helps you realize what’s truly important in your life. It’s sad that sometimes it takes a traumatic event in your life to help you realize things, but you realize them nonetheless. I’ve learned so many important things, and a lot of them revolve around the idea that your vibe attracts your tribe. It truly does. Before all of the cancer stuff, I was hanging out with so many of the...

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17 Jul, 16

6 steps to breeze through chemo

So, I breezed through Cycle 5 of Esc. BEACOPP. I like to think that the less cancerous cells that we have in our body, the easier that the chemo becomes, but I’m probably totally making this up! I want to share with you guys a few basic tricks that helped me more so during this chemo, than any other! Obviously it helped to have my mom and one of my friends Chiara there, but here it goes! Before you go...

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15 Jul, 16

Things to stop giving an eff about

  WHAT YOU SHOULD STOP GIVING AN EFF ABOUT Chemo thoughts, cancer thoughts, crazy chemo brain. You have so many realizations while going through such a traumatic event in your life. This trauma eventually brings you clarity, and believe me, I’ve never thought or seen so clearly in my entire life. Pretty crazy that it takes some people to be on the verge of life or death, to think clearly, huh? Me being one of them, whoops! So, in my...

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12 Jul, 16

Until it happens to you: social stigma

Society. We judge people on a daily basis, consciously and subconsciously. If someone is the slightest bit “different” from the average person, they are considered weird, or people act like there is something wrong with them. We all do it, whether we like to admit it or not, but at the end of the day, we do it. It reminds me of that quote that kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about....

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06 Jul, 16

Straight outta chemo

Straight out of Chemotherapy During my first cycle of chemo, I had no idea what was going on. I was half sedated for it, and really didn’t get a true glimpse of what it was all about, until the second cycle, when the true horror story began. Once I was able to manage my side effects, I was fine. While the rest of the girls in my city are worried about which snap chat filter to use, one of my...

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02 Jul, 16

Medical Update!

So I’ve already written a million posts on radiation, but since it’s over, I thought I would talk about how radiation really was for me. (No bs..real talk!) radiation, like different for everyone. For me, I handled radiation in a totally different way. Chemo, I was out and about, enjoying life, still sick, but nonetheless, I had motivation to get out. Probably from the lethal amount of Prednisone that I’m on, ha! Radiation was a different monster, but mainly...

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