21 Jun, 16

What people with cancer want you to know

This week, I decided to team up with my friend Megan, who is also undergoing chemotherapy, but has Leukemia as opposed to Lymphoma. She just went into complete remission by the way, wooo!! We thought it would be a cool idea to compile a list of things that people with cancer want you to know. Here it goes!   If it can happen to us, it can happen to you. I’m 29 and Megan is 23. We never thought that...

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08 Jun, 16

Cancer Beauty 101

It’s so easy to let yourself completely go and fall into a funk during chemo, since we tend to look in the mirror and not even recognize ourselves. This is why I’m personally a big advocate of makeup, and great skin care products, even when you don’t feel like putting any on! It helps you feel more like your old self. Here are some tips and tricks that I found useful during chemo: Eyebrows: I ended up losing all of...

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07 Jun, 16

What not to say to someone with cancer

Having Cancer is tough, and it’s also tough to have a friend or family member going through it. It’s hard to know the right things to say And when to say them. The Hodgkin’s Awareness Group composed a bunch of “what not to say” lines, to help everyone out. I laughed the entire time writing this, because they are so spot on and ridiculous. Everyone pretty much agreed that this is number 1..DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT talk...

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03 Jun, 16

What really keeps us going

Timing is a bitch. We can meet the perfect person for us, at the completely wrong time. We can get sick at the completely wrong time. Our cars can break down at the completely wrong time. Bad things can happen at the completely wrong time. But you know what’s worse than bad timing? Waiting. Set backs. This is such an overlooked part of our cancer journeys, which can leave you an emotional wreck. Traumatic events in our lives leave scars,...

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